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Humvee King


Tel: +44(0)7913 512441

I am the UK’s most prolific importer of surplus American military HUMVEE, also known as the HMMWV in the army. The vehicles are sourced from the military and form my very own UK private collection.

Airsoft World

4 Main Street,
KY4 8AJ,

Tel: 0333 3449 555

15 years trading as one of the UK's most professional Airsoft, replica firearm and accessory suppliers to the trade and retail. We have been regular traders at most of the larger WW2 shows (some smaller too) since 2005. Online sales and face to face sales. Registered firearms dealer. We hope to see you soon!

Norfolk Tank Museum

Station Road,
Forncett St Peter,
NR16 1HZ,

Tel: +44(0)1508 532650

The Norfolk Tank Museum is an independent museum housing a collection of military vehicles, weapons and militaria including Deborah II, the replica Mk IV Tank as seen on Channel 4's documentary - Guy Martin's WWI Tank.
We are a hands on museum, were you can climb inside and experience the confirmed space and atmosphere of the crew turret.

Spitfire Ground Display Team

Hangar 42, Blackpool Airport,
Squires Gate Lane, Blackpool,

Tel: +44(0)1253 341902

WW2 RAF Replica Aircraft for Hire for Ground Display for Private Events, TV and Film work or Airshow support. Authentic 1939 hangar for Hire at Blackpool Airport, Lancashire .

Military Army Shop

Csillaghegyi út 33,
1106 Budapest,

Tel: +36(0) 309 729 174

We build German Pak 36 Anti Tank Gun and US 37mm Anti Tank Gun - Scale 1:1 Reproduction. Made by full metal and moveable partsSame as like an original, you can order with different options. We made different types for custom order.

WW2 Souvenir

via Gioacchino Rossini, 12,
Empoli, (Firenze),

Tel: +39 347 0322340

We sell German, Italian, French, UK military repros of excellent quality copies of medals, badges, insignias, buttons, buckles, rings and more. At dealer prices, no taxes and custom fees. As we are manufacturer, we may offer continuous supply. All the items are made in Italy and finished by hand. Fast and cheap shipment from 5$ to 8$ in Usa,Uk,Canada,Australia,New Zeland,South Afrika,Japan. Various choices of shipment and payment

Hire and Fire Ltd


Tel: (0)77102 99911
Mobile: (0)7970 457719

Hire and Fire Limited was founded in 2017 to bring fresh ideas and energy to the field of acting and re-enacting with firearms. We offer a wide range of firearms spanning over 100 years of military history from the 1898 Maxim Machine Gun through two World Wars of weaponry right up to modern pistols and automatic rifles. We also offer training to re-enactors and the film TV industry.

KFZ 247 B


Tel: 353 879 329630

WW2 German KFZ247B replica. In creating this there was a lot of original information used and its a very close original. You can see this in the War&Peace show 2016. you can see me more pictures and videos on Facebook page "Sd KFZ Command Car".

Paintman Panels

Unit 7, Trinity Park Industrial Estate,
Sloswicke Drive,
DN22 7WQ,

Tel: +44(0)1777 710100

Our Top Quality Land Rover Series Body Panels are the finest BRITISH engineered panels in the United Kingdom. They aren’t be the cheapest in the world, but they will fit properly and look correct, which to us is far more important!!! The one thing we have always been very particular about when restoring a Land Rover, is that everything needs to be as close to the original as possible. Out of true panels that are a stinker to fit don’t come into our world. 2016 saw us finally doing what you wanted us to do… putting our panels online, so that you can buy them in between the shows. A growing number of you have already seen the quality of our panels and bought them immediately at the Land Rover Shows, along with our paint throughout the year, here is the result of our efforts. A long way to go to get it right yet, but we are striving for perfection.


Unit 7, Trinity Park Industrial Estate,
Sloswicke Drive, Retford,
DN22 7WQ,

Tel: +44(0)1777 710100

Home to Europe’s No 1 Synthetic Coach Enamel. Made by the finest BRITISH paint manufacturer in the United Kingdom, it is a traditional premium product, giving a top quality professional finish. Paintman Coach Enamel gives an extra long wet edge time, thus allowing brushing without brush drag. It is very easy to use and can be applied to your Pride and Joy by spray, roller or brush. We can also supply the restoration and heritage industry with any known paint code colour.


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