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Mercedes Benz 300 GD Command Post

Closed cab version, year of manufacture 1987. Worldwide only one or 2 each available for sale. General of the Army Staff car, this G Wagon has been entirely rebuilt for 40K, factory brand new condition, Mercedes Benz 3 Litre Diesel engine, 88 horsepower, brand new seats,rubber,windscreen,tyres.,carpet interior, brakes ,and many more. Sales price firm: 23900 Euros, this is the price I paid myself some 5 years ago without regret,just sit inside and have a reliable off road truck for the next 20 years , this particular 460 series of Mercedes off road trucks can be road registered all over the world, even possible as 7 or 9 seater, Mercedes Benz delivers the EU certificate of conformity which is not the case for Bundeswehr G Wagons, On request an extremely rare and brand-new Mercedes Benz 24 Winch including all mounting kit is available. Also for sale a factory overhauled 3 door G Wagon,year of manufacture 1987.

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