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DKW NZ 350-1 1944 Original paint Wehrmacht

Original DKW NZ 350-1 motorcycle. Year of manufacture 1944. Is original varnish Wehrmacht - the same since 1944! With original pouches; Pagus saddles, Sp 13 R electrics box; E-Vega fuel tap; fuel filler cap; carburetor Bing Aj 2/24 (350-1); cyclonic air filter DKK; handlebar fittings; speedometer driving gear, Bosch 130 lamp, Hella rear lamp, Hella sound signal, Continental and Fulda tires, RIEBE, Verbus, Karro etc. and many other details according to the year of manufacture. The engine is turning, it is for renovation. No mud scraper, petrol handle, cables, electric wires and several screws. The steering damper knob has no original paint. The counter should be scaled to 100 km (this is up to 80 km - it is from KDF, the rest is identical). Lower pouches handles are replicas. In this condition there are around 25 pieces of DKW NZ 350-1 motorcycles in the world. Possible delivery. Price 14 000 Euro.

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