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BMP-1 variant: VPV armored recovery vehicle

Czechoslovakian made BMP-1 (BVP-1) variant from the late '80s for sale in Hungary, formerly owned by the Hungarian Defence Force. Currently it is ready to go, and since it is owned by an armour enthusiast, it is well equipped: anti-armor mine-laying kit in wooden crate, crew equipment, PKM light machine gun on top, etc. Also comes with extensive tooling kits making this VPV usable in its original role - as a recovery vehicle. Some technical details: - Air-start system with new compresser - 15.9 l V6 diesel engine, providing 300 HP - Extended fuel capacity: additional tanks on the sides and on one of the back doors - Total weight: 14 t - Top speed: 65 km/h Known flaws: - The 5t crane is mechanically intact, but currently non-operable (remote control unit is not lost), was not tested. - Winch not tested. - Rubber inserts allowing safe travel on asphalt/concrete roads for the tracks are not available.

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