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Panzer FV432 Powerpack - Motor ( K60 ) mit 138 h

Sold only within Germany - Powerpack K60, fits from series FV 432 to FV 439 used, with 138 operating hours mileage. The engine is a Rolls-Royce six-cylinder two-stroke multi-fuel engine. Ready for immediate use. Price 7.990,00 € Euro.Furthermore, all collected spare parts are now sold separately, as follows. Steering box, track rollers original FV 432 New, torsion bar (Left + Right), new chains with pads 200 links, hydraulic cylinder (injection pump) new, shock absorber new, bump stop assy new + used, hub new, starter new, alternator new, fuel pump + Filter box, fuel pump overhauled, new rubber - chain pads for chain 180 pcs., Drive sprocket as new 2 pcs, seats for crew compartment new left + right, mast or lifting frame for Powerpack K60 (motor) etc.

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