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WW1 Artillery Shells and Fuzes

For sale are the following Great war artillery shell pieces: 1 x German 10.5cm Drill round, British 13Pdr shrapnel round, French 155mm HE round (no fuze), French 75mm Shrapnel round (no ogive/fuze) and Brass case, 2 x British No.101 fuzes, 1 x German GrZ 04 (no threads), 1 x German Dopp Z 91, 1 x French AA 'Beehive' fuze. Shells: French 155mm £150 ono, German 10.5 drill £130, French 75 & case £50, 13Pdr £50 ono. Fuzes open to offers. All items are inert and free from explosives.

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