WANTED: Stug III Ausf G Parts

We have a complete rebuild of a Stug to do, this is the first time ever a Stug will have reached Thailand as far as I know.
 At this stage too early to call it a restoration, as the not enough original parts from one Stug to do it and still lacking the serial number from chassis and super structure, however we do have the front left and right corner sections from 2 different stugs, bunches of miscellaneous small parts, pieces of armor, but still have heaps to find.
If anybody has any large or small hull or superstructure section no matter how big or what condition I'd be very interested to see, I can arrange to be collected and shipped from any country world wide, also looking for running gear, hatches, engine vent covers, any superstructure parts, fittings, vision block, basically anything and everything that's Stug III related.
Also searching for original blueprints, plans or technical drawings, even if anybody can provide replicated drawings with specs and information taken from actual Stug's would be acceptable if can guarantee the information is correct.

Simon Robinson: 0066 800 024433

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