Rare Wasp Flamethrower Carrier

Genuine and remarkably original 1944 carrier coming to market shortly.
Been in Ireland on the reenactment scene a few years. Running very well, just undergoing light restoration/ paintjob etc.
Good tracks, wheels re-rubbered like new meaning it drives and steers perfectly!
Rare++, almost all panels are original and bear the vehicle number! This was originally a "Wasp" making this the only one running we are aware of.
If interested let us know ASAP and we can discuss whether to do it back as a Wasp (flame thrower unit like those that destroyed Belsen etc) or as a Bren carrier.
Many impossible to find extras like original track jack, Bren mount, etc and nice non functioning ww2 allied vehicle radio set with all the kit. Transportation to U.K. and Europe can be arranged.
If you're interested, let us know with your preferences at dj14950@gmail.com

David Janes: 00353 526 136363

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