Jeremy Tenniswood Militaria and Weapons

Jeremy Tenniswood has specialised in Vintage Firearms (both Deactivated and Antique), Military Uniforms and Equipment, Bayonets, and Swords for almost 50 years.
We are also book dealers for all manner of Firearm, Military, Collectable, Badge, Medal, and Historic Travel related titles; once you add that to our large selection of Badges, Medals and Insignia from all countries and armed forces around the World you have one of the most comprehensive catalogues available.
All this without mention of our stock items for the currently serving, including Dress Swords, Berets, and Stable belts, and many other hard-to-find essentials that the P.R.I. has just run out of, but will be getting some more in shortly!
As we have recently upgraded our website and are still busily loading our old stock over, and we are acquiring new items all the time, please contact us if something is missing from our listings and we will do our best to locate the item for you.

Jeremy Tenniswood: 01206 368787

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