1942 Ford 21a and Plymouth Staff cars

I've owned the Ford for about 10 years, this is the civilian version of the 21a as used by the military in WW2, it was built between Oct 41 and Feb 42.
It comes with all the bolt on bits b.o lights, siren, Ford extinguisher, etc, jeep wheels will fit the hubs.
it drives nice, been told it's to good to paint green, comes with spare rear bumper and sun visor.
The P15 has been converted to 12 volts, rebuilt transmission, drives nice, radial tyres, ready to go.
Both cars located Devon U.K.
Also have M38A1Jeep excellent condition needs putting back together, new canvas. Great winter project, one of two used in the opening sequence of James Bond 'Octopussy, £7,000.
Phone for details.

Duncan Millman: 07799 117416

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