Sherman M50/M51 Israeli Sherman Cummins Engines

For Sale: VT8 - 460 B1 Cummins engines out of Israeli Shermans and a quantity of spares.

As you can see from the photos, some engines have had the output shaft from the clutch housing cut off - these engines are £7,500 each.
This engine set up is would be good for someone who only needs it as a spare engine.  The engines complete with uncut shaft are £9,500 each.
These engines are particuarly suitable for repowering a Sherman project as they have the fan bosses and bearings already on the front of the engine.
These engines are hard to get and do not come up that often.
The engines are used in conjunction with the GAA radiator in the Super Shermans.
Or if you prefer you can remove the clutch housing and put on a different engine.
The engines turn over by hand but are untested - presumed not worked as factory paint still on the exhaust manifolds.
No starter motors on engines (but is a standard 24v Cummins starter).
*Spares* - If you need spares, if you are already running one of these engines, get in contact as we may be able to supply.

Mark Robinson: 0771 340 2469

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