1942 Ford GPW

A Ford GPW Jeep from a December 1942 contract.
This Jeep was used by the Norwegian Army and was released from service in 1971. It was then registered in Oslo and I still have the number plates, with which I could trace it back. It came to the UK in 1981 and was registered over here. I have documentation for all this but do not yet know who had it before the Norwegian Army but is likely to be British Army. This Norwegian Army Jeep is fitted with a heater, has a roll up radiator blind and enclosed lockable compartment under the rear seat as most of them do.
The original data plates were replaced with Norwegian Army ones but I have three new brass GPW ones, which are included.
The Jeep still has many 'F' scripted parts. It also retains its original M1 Carbine windscreen holder, axe, shovel and starting handle.
It has a new 145 Amp Hr 6 volt battery, new tyres and exhaust. It runs well with good oil pressure, light on the steering and is very nice to drive.
Also included are a pair of steel frame canvas doors, rear side screens and canvas half side screens for the front.

Pino Lombardi: 07788 961514

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