For Tank Chaffee M24 Large stock of spare parts

-2 Pair of tracks 1 nos 1 servicable.
-2 engines one with gear box (both to repair).
-5 gear boxes - spark plugs special Chaffee.
-2 drive sprockets.
-4 sprockets nos 2 rear compensating wheels.
-2 main propeller shafts rear and front.
-4 final drive propeller shafts.
-2 final drive assembly.
-4 suspension arms.
-8 torsion bars.
-Intake manifold, exhaust manifold, exhaust pipes, intake and exhaust gaskets.
-5 shock absorbers.
-5 track wheels.
- 1 transfer box.
- Carburators, fuel pumps, cage for fuel pump and conduit with lower strainer. support for fuel pumps switches.
- Water pumps and rigid hose for water circuit, starters -generators with support, traverse mecanism, oil gages with hose, rear outside telephone box, rear turret tool box, miscellanous.
- 4 half track White engines stuck 500 to 600€ each depending upon accessorie.
- 4 US Rings for vehicules.
- For M48 Patton : -1 rear turret tool box - several engine compartment doors.
Possibility to sell in one lot . Serious Buyers Only please.

Patrick Nerrant: 0680 163879

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