WW2 German Staffcar + 5 other special cars

For all 6 cars we’ve all documents about history, experts certificates, several docs from Mercedes Benz factory archiv, especiall about the 540 K and the 320 Pullmann cabrio)
All 6 cars have a very special and interesting history, are in top condition and are ready to drive. Mercedes 540 K Cabrio A/Special Roadster. The car was ordered and frist owned by a very prominent warehouse mogul. 8 weeks after delivery he brought the car back tot he factory to convert the car with the Special Roadster features. The car has an outstanding history, is in top condition and has matching numbers.
Mercedes 320 Cabrio E Pullmann, the car was used as a parade car fort he high rank Nazi as AH or JG. Ordered from the „Oberste Heeresführung“ (highest leading military institution). Beside the NS symbols the car has some special features for parade use as: special 2nd gearbox to drive with a permanent speed of 20 km/h. The interior is designed for parade use. In the back there’s a kind of a footstoll (step). So the person who stands on it becomes more visible and seems to be taller. The side windows have foldable window frames for a clear view to the leader. It’s a very rare Pullmann version oft eh Cabrio E and one of the first cars with ever the Telefunken Radio. A very rare and unique piece of world history. Nothing else comparable available on the market. Matching numbers, perfect conditon. Mercedes 170 S Coupe, absolute unique car, only one ever built and existing. Based on Cabrio A/B, built as 4 seater, but with a fixed hardtop with a sliding factory sun roof installed!! Owned and ordered form a top VIP business man from Germany, exclusive factory luggage set, SIMENS Radio, great history, perfect condition, matching numbers.
Mercedes 220S Coupe Prototype, absolute unique, onyl one car ever built and existing. Built/constructed fort he former CEO of Daimler Benz. Bases on a Chassis from the Type 170, but with a wider track and the new 220 engine mit 80 hp and the new body shape oft he 220. The dahsboard is camplete manufactured in full wooden massive, like in the bis 300S, Becker Radio, perfect condition, top history, matching numbers. A unique and true piece of Mercedes Benz factory history.
Mercedes 400 Tourer, unique model, onyl one ever built and eixsting, great history, one of just a very few cars built by Daimler Motor Gesellschaft (DMG) and sold as one oft he first cars as Mercedes Benz cars ever, after the merger bewtween DMG ( Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft) and Benz&Cie!! The engine, pedals, and steering wheel are branded as Merceds Benz. The first car of DMG which was contructed by the famous engineer Ferdinand PORSCHE. The first serial model with a 6 cylinder supercharged engine. One oft he last right hand drive cars built for Germany/Europe (except UK). Also a unique piece of Mercedes Benz history. Matching numbergs. Benz 8/20 Rennwagen, Racing car, original. For a car, especially of this time/age “matching numbers“ are very rare and special. Accodring tot he statement out of the Mercedes Benz archives, the matching numbers are correct and original. A detailed description is not possible, because the archives of Benz&Cie in Manheim were destroyed during the WW II by fire. Perfect condition, matching numbers.
This lot goes only in 1 sale, none of the cars going to be sold seperatly. The selling contract and the selling will be handled by an authorized lawyer which guarantees security for both parties. The sale is exclusive by us, other attemps are not appreciated. The cars are 100 % original and come with complete documents.
Price € 8.000.000 For more information and full documentation please send me an email

Marco Kilian: +31 627 003400

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