Turboventure Vehicle Collection Seeks New Home

Assembled over many years, a ‘balanced’ group of interesting British vehicles.
An Engineering Hub was proposed last year; run as a charity, with a prototype underwater ROV, anti drone, mine clearing systems designed by young North Eastern engineers, a traction engine, amphibians, airport fire appliance, stored (but viewable) classic cars, it would have been ‘kick started’ initially using some of my 12 armoured and 10 other vehs. 
STEM teachers, Uni Mech Eng depts and some engineering firms were enthusiastic, especially as it would be LIVE, with a mechanic or two, apprentice or two, include a quality café, adjacent off road demo area, holding occasional lectures by 20/21st century experts on topics as varied as ‘the joys of running a nuclear power station’ , supervising Air Traffic Control at N’cle,  the Army’s MLRS system. That’s just for starters.  Enthusiasts would be encouraged to pop in (with/without their vehicle) for a chat/tea etc at weekends, as would rally drivers for a pit stop, emergency repairs--and toilet (let’s be realistic.)    
It would be a conduit for encouraging youth to consider ENGINEERING as an exciting career.
We found an empty 30,000 sq ft warehouse beside the A69, a busy major cross country route , midway ‘tween N’cle and Carlisle. (And a run down café opposite, so no competition!) Perfect.
I would have liked to glue on my activity centre, with rifle, archery, quad (9 Hondas), 4x4 (5 very different vehs) instruction, lorry and , of course, 432 driving, clay shooting, fencing, paintball, esp corporate team building days, which we’ve been running for years. Also rock band and stage lighting gear.
BUT after months of planning, it fell through. Sad.
Open to any proposals, anywhere in UK (preferably).
Includes; vehs pictured (our Chieftain MBT has powered turret, M2 is  about to be run up again, Cent ARV war reserve 110 miles) plus  Stalwart (does swim), RL recovery, FV 432-- Mk 1 and Mk 2, 434, Saracen, Pig, 101 cargo, TM 8 tonne, office trailers, 10 ton dummy axle, welding  and test gear, benches, power packs.
Avail as a whole or part—let’s have some proposals prior to dispersal.  SOON!


Richard Wilson: 0191 232 5872 or 0777 296 1364

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