Victoria KR20 1937

A rare and interesting bike from Nuremburg, Germany and possibly the only one in the UK.
Victoria Motorrader were one of Germanys major motor bike manufacturers as the Nazis took control of Germany. It is in DAK colour but most of the paint looks to be pretty old except some over painting here and there.
It is dual seat, 3 gear tank shift (takes some getting used too!) It came to the UK in 2000 painted in DAK as shown in the pictures, before then it was in Oberstein Germany. The bike is original from what I can tell. I have dressed it up with an original gas mask, shovel, and ammo pouches with blank Mauser bullets.
The bike runs well and the engine is crisp. Its a 200cc two stroke with twin exhausts.
It certainly turns heads at shows, people are very interested in it.

Michael Edwards: 07778 577589

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