Skoda 3S160 diesel generator build in 1941

For sale is a diesel generator build in 1941 by Skoda, which was part of the Hermann Göring Werke back then.
The engine has 3 cylinders with about 14-16 liters capacity in total. The Generator provides a power of 32 kW. It is mounted on a trailer. The total weight is around 4 tons. It get's started with air pressure directly on the cylinders, like on many ship drive engines. I got this engine from a sawmill in bavaria, where it was used for emergency power. Since then the engine hasn't run and I have never worked on this more than dismanteling some covers to get a view inside this beast. The piston seems to have a diameter of around 185mm. The diameter of the crankshaft is ~150mm, on one of the pictures you can clearly see one cam of the camshaft which is driven by the shown gearwheel. I'm sure this type of engine was used either in the armaments industry or on an airfield or other type of military structure.
These engines are quite rare these days.
Asking price is 4900 Euros.

Martin Berkels: +49 159 0541 9798

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