Peugeot 202 from 1940

Wehrmacht or French resistance used Peugeot 202 from 1940.
According to its former Fench owner, at the time of purchase back in the seventies, he found a cookie jar full of British ammunition below the drives seat.
According to him this was a sign it was used by the French resistance (FFI Force France Interieur).
This is his story and I have no proof, but the cookie jar is still there and comes with the vehicle.
It sat for decades in a barn. It shows to be complete and very solid.
Only its taillights and headlights are broken.
Because it sat so long it has to be gone thru completely of course.
This is also the same model as used by the Wehrmacht. Great little car with a lot of potential.
Also an affordable buy-in for a German used vehicle.
Great for museum, private collection, reenacting etc.
Only €5950

Airborne Garage BV: +31 (0)6418 45859

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