WW2 German Pushbike 1932

A very nice early WW2 German bicyle made by Apolo at the Willhemshaven Werks in Germany in 1932.
The bike has the correct rubber pedals and reflectors also original pump and Bosch dynamo.
Torpedo rear brake in the hub dates to 32 and DRP marks (Deche Reche Patent) serial number to frame below saddle.
Comes with the standard MG34/42 or grenade carrier under the cross bar and also the carrier on the handle bars for a greatcoat or Zeltbarn.
Bike was used by a French chap after the war so has post war tyres and valves.
Was found in an outhouse in France after the owner had passed away.
A very nice early and rare WW2 German pushbike.
£1,450 ovno.

Chris Daines: O7789 078529

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