Dodge WC51 very original

Very original WC51 unrestored.
Unrestored does not mean its a bucket of rust it means it has been well maintained and in great condition and has had a lot of money spent on it including new radiator and recent new brakes. 
It was owned buy a French doctor who used it lightly and said it was mostly used for the odd trip to the local tip.
He always had any work done by local mechanics with experience of the vehicle bills to prove was always dry stored and was purchased after its return from Cao Bang where it was used by the USAAF in the north of Viet Nam at the time called french Indo China.
This is the earlier version 42/43 with the metal boxes /seats these are solid with no rot.
There is one bit of rust as big as an old 50p and this does not go through only surface.
Starts first time every time running 12v with alternator
She starts first time every time great brakes nice gearbox and its UK Registered.
Waiting in Essex and ready to go.
Restoration costs money, this 51 needs a light recommision but is taxed and on the road and ready to go.

Maureen Norgan: 07890 736032

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