1943 Bedford QL Command

These were known as WD caravans for senior officers and provided for wartime conditions.
The body is divided into 2 sections, originally 1 side for sleeping/living and the other section for working. Facilities were also provided for the officers to work in the open air if preferred in the form of a side and rear tent, the tailboard folds down to be used as a working platform in this mode.
Since we have had this vehicle we have modified the inside for living in at shows, but have kept the original officers desk and cupboards, it could easily be converted back to original spec.
The body was rebuilt by the 23rd base workshop Wetter, Germany in 1959, and stayed in service until 1971.
There are some post war modifications, this is all part of its military history.
Since leaving the army in 1971 it went straight into preservation and has been on many of the Normandy tours.
The radiator was recored last season, and comes with plenty of spares. This would be a great camper for Normandy next year!
£14,250 Ono or part ex for something smaller, but needs to be wartime.
Please ring Paul on 07925 007984.

Paul Harmes: 07925 007984

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