Gaz 69M

This Gaz 69 dates from 1957 and as such is tax and MoT exempt.
It has no rust and relatively low mileage.
I bought it from a fan who in turn bought it in East Germany where it had been stored most of its life as a reserve vehicle for the NVA.
Since I have had it it has benefitted from:
New head gasket. New cylinder linings. New valves New Weber carburettor New K&N Airfilter. New brake cylinders all round including master cylinder. New AK (MPi) gun rack for the driver. New pintle for a machine gun. (This is period incorrect and can be easily unbolted if needs be).
It has tyres with very good wear and comes with a few spares (not sure how many right now).
It has a soft top that is leak free. It has a radiator muff for those really cold Siberian Winters It comes with two spare fuel cans. It starts and runs easily and although a very slow vehicle it is very comfortable compared with say a series Landrover. There are also all sorts of bits of paperwork including from DDR as well as an illuminated signalling baton (never tested) and a few odds and sods.
It has always been garaged and the last two years this has been in a dehumidified garage. Not included are the Cuban number plates and insignia. Also the battery may be in need of replacement, it was flat when I started it the other week and I have not been able to test how good it still is. Assume a replacement will be needed. Likewise the fuel in it is now quite old and refuelling will need to happen very soon.
NB The ZPU 4 in the photo is also NOT included though I may be persuaded to let it go if the money is right. Inspection welcomed.
Priced at £10,000 and also advertised elsewhere.

Tom Webster: 07710 299911

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