Dodge WC51 Weapons Carrier

Dodge WC51.
Old owner started to restore this Dodge but he was not finnished and it was garaged in late 1970's somewhere.
We bought it to finish last year but now lack of time made us buy another already finished Dodge instead, and this one is looking for a new owner with the time to make the last work.
I guess pictures tells most. ~
Canvas was bought new in Normandie at 50th anniversary.
Dodge has been standing is storage for about 30 years and has not been started or driven after storage.
Needs for example new electrical system and other detals. Boxes with parts on pictures included in sale.
The Dodge has Swedish registration title and license plates. Located in North Sweden.
Sell to the best offer. Help with loading onto transport is available.

Tom Nilsson: 00467 305 96607

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