Military Vehicles Collection

1. Tank T-34 is mobile and in very good condition. Manufactured in Czech republic in 1955.
Price 100 000,-EUR
2. Rebuilt  replcaTiger tank on the T-34 chassis from 1948.
Manufactured in Czech republic or possibly in Russia. Mobile and in very good condition.
Price 160 000,-EUR
3. Half-track transporter OT-310 (HACKEL) manufactured in Czech republic in 1955.
Mobile and in very good condition.
Price 40 000,-EUR.
All vehicles are possible to see in area of company ZAKO, s. r. o. Skotnice 106, Skotnice 742 58, Czech Republic.
Vehicles are sometimes lendt to film makers or private persons for various events.
Actual price rate is 600,- EUR / day / vehicle (100,- EUR costs of operation included) transport back and forth is operated by customer.
Yearly its about 20 orders, its possible to give contacts to new owner and keep lending business going with 10 000,- EUR income / year.
In case of buying whole collection its possible to negotiate about price.

Adam Puk: +420 731 577844

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