Ex-RUC Humber Pig

In 1956 20 Humber Pig prototypes underwent trials, they were armoured except that the rear crew area had only a canvas roof. With the advent of the production Pig FV1611, 10 of the prototypes were sold to the RUC in 1958.
My Pig was given the Belfast registration 2996OI & can be seen on the front cover of the book “Spearhead”.
In 1960 steel roofs were fitted to emulate standard Army Pigs, although there are 57 differences between the two types of Pig.
I have pictures of mine during the Battle of the Bogside 1969.
Following the Hunt Report my Pig was withdrawn from Police service & issued to the Army as 27BT95 & up-armoured in Op Bracelet.
I bought the Pig 20 years ago & have removed all the additional armour & used archive photos to assist reconstruction of the Pig as it would have looked in RUC service 1960-69.
The engine runs well, regularly serviced, has a skimmed head, Jolley electronic ignition, uprated rear Birfield tracta joints rather than the original Chobham joints, working tyre pump, rear view camera. These Pigs had a white interior, slit visors, comfy rear bench seats with storage underneath, plywood bolted to floor for blast protection. Tyres have good treads & are run-flats extra reinforced as fitted to Mk 2 Pigs. Newly constructed underfloor storage lockers. It comes with a range of spares seen in the photo that includes another Jolley distributor. It is currently registered road legal with registration 2996OI. This is a very reluctant sale as I have put in a lot money, research, time & effort to bring it up to a realistic representation of how it once would have looked.
I am now getting old & less agile, so it is best that I sell it now rather than languish in the corner of the barn.
So now for sale at £12,000 including those spares. I also have a large quantity of Humber spares that includes 5 good Mk 2 tyres on rims.
I have an illustrated list of all these items that are available for £2,000.
Email me for a list but they will be offered to the new owner to purchase & only available if they do not get sold with the Pig.
Located in South Wales.

Clive Elliott

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