Beliet GBU15 General Cargo/Gun Tractor

For Sale is My Berliet GBU 15 Gun tractor, a brief descriptive is listed below.
These are very unique in the UK with only a handful of examples left.
This vehicle has undergone a significant restoration, and has been rewired, fitted with a hard front roof and aluminium cover to the rear. Whilst the restoration was comprehensive, it is a very large military truck and requires on-going maintenance and fettling. Something for a serious collector, you will require to have the means to transport it and maintain it etc.
Located in Ayrshire Scotland.
Happy to answer any questions.
Cash or Bank transfer only.
Powered by what is described as a 16 litre Multifuel engine, and has a very powerful prop driven rear winch.
I'm open to offers or potential exchanges on a Bedford MJP, A Unimog, A Defender Hi Cap/Rapier or other large 4x4 Pick Up.

Chester Smith: 07772 180158

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