NSU Kettnkrad and Trailer

This kettenkrad, which came from Luxembourg circa 1995, was restored over several years, from 1996 to 2005.
The vehicle was in a very original state. Apparently it was used to extract tree trunks from a forest operation after the war.
The sheet was in perfect condition, with no holes or rust at all, so it was practically nothing done on the bodywork, apart from stripping, primed with red epoxy two-component primer and finished with Max Meyer matt sand color paint, epoxy two components as well. In fact, it retained a lot of original paint, which remains in the hidden faces of the gas tanks and in other places, as well as in the steering handle tube where the body number is marked. The original instruction notice for greasing the chains over the sand color background is preserved.
The original Bosch ignition key was recovered under the engine when it was removed. All the dashboard gauges are the original ones. The nameplate is the original and in perfect condition, as seen in one of the photos. The suspension (all the torsion bars), was completely dismantled and lightened or softened; now working smoothly. The engine was completely overhauled. The gearbox was opened but as being in a nice condition, closed again. The chains were completely rebuilt using nylon bushings, which were supplied by the now sadly deceased Herr Friedhelm Abel (deceased) and were reeded by myself with a precision reamer. Anyway I still have a dozen of needle bearings that came out healthy, and they, of course, would go with the bike. All the pins were polished for a better glide.
The pieces of rubber to get contact with the ground of the chains were made also by Herr Friedhelm Abel, who had original molds and tools in his house in Germany. T
he cooling system of this Kettenkrad is the version of tropical climate (Afrika, Italy, Greece and some other countries) because it has a gear box(with its oil and its oil level rod) so that the ventilation fan does 1.6 turns for each turn of the crankshaft. The transmission of force from the engine to this small gearbox was made by rubber tubing, with an ovalized metal die to avoid transmission of moments, only rotation, improving the solution recommended by Herr Friedhelm Abel. In short, everything was checked, as electrical installation, brakes, everything, and was restored without skimping or time or money, among other things because I did it for myself. I could extend much more with an amount of details and things that were done, but it could be boring, and I could do it because I did this restoration personally. I have pictures of the state of the vehicle before starting the restoration, and also during the restoration. I could send many more photos of vehicle details but in Milweb we have the limitation of 12 photos.
The trailer is a marvel, with its original sheet metal in perfect condition, and with the original war markings of the 26th Infantry Division (towers of the Köln cathedral), as well as the marking of the weapon branch, the white bands on the fins for night traffic and the marking of the tire pressure, all original, as well as the sand-colored paint, which is original from war time, which is seen to be hand-painted on the original factory gray paint. It has also the NSU marking as manufacturer and the Waffen amt.
I think the trailer is second to none.
The vehicle is located in Spain, 200 km from the French border.
I would accept as partial payment, or total depending on the quality, a Porsche 356 SC, A or Pre A, if these are to my liking.
Please, just for really interested persons. In another case, I'm sorry, do not wait for an answer.

Jose Amesti: 665 707 796

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