Alvis Saracen APC Ambulance Version

For technical data see the data sheet.
The vehicle is demilitarized but the original armoured windows and lateral escape hatches are present.
A lot of accessories are included, for example:
Searchlight (can be mounted on the vehicle or an external stand), radio communication unit, camouflage net, tyre inflation system, manual, repair book, spade, pick, top-mounted warning light etc.
The vehicle had a general overhaul in 2011 and got a new transmission system in 2012.
Documents, bills and photographs are present. Since it was used as a promotion vehicle for a metal band,
the vehicle is coloured with matt black non-permanent camouflage paint.
The paint can be easily removed with Tanol and high pressure cleaner to reveal the original copper green paint.
The vehicle is in good running condition. Video footage of the vehicle can be viewed in this video from 4:40-6:50:
If you are interested please contact me.

Wanja Gröger

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