Generator, Aggregate gasoline-electric, MAG 2,5KVA, 220V, 50Hz

Generator from the manufacturer MAG from the Swiss army.
Power: 220V, 2.5KvA, 4 hp 2-stroke engine.
Quality product made in swiss, from swiss army inventory in an excellent, almost new condition, fully operational.
This generator only run 145 hours!
All documents such as description, instruction manual, booklet and invoice in german and french language are included.
Spare parts package and associated tools, 220V adapter an cover includet too. This generator is from the year 1977, the new price at that time was 3460 swiss francs.
Very interesting for collectors of military equipment as a supplement for military vehicles or for use as a robust power generator for e.g. camping. private sales, pick up requested.
Dimensions: lenght overall: 68cm width overall: 40cm height overall: 53cm weight: 79Kg test run on pickup possible and desired.
No warrenty and no return!

Linus Hellstern: +49 151 613 043 15

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