1945 Daimler Dingo MK III for restoration

Kept in garage, rolls freely. 
Not driven for about 25 years.
Makers No. S6377, post war reg. 94 ZV 82  
I bought it, the last of 64 Dingoes at an M.O.D. auction on July 31st 1968, and the most expensive at £55!   Drove it the 100 miles home from Ludgershall Army Depot.  I believe that was the last M.O.D. sale of Dingoes. 
Registered with the DVLA in about 1970 and MOT’d once. 
No trace now of the green log book or MOT cert. but the DVLA tell me that for their fee of £25 there should be no trouble in tracing the record.  The reg. is FMH 98J.  
Engine head was removed some years ago after I failed to keep turning the engine over for some time. 
Now turns freely on the starting handle, with the head still off.  
Sale includes some original ‘new’ unused items:- front box, tonneau cover, driver’s leather seat back cover, exhaust elbow, head gasket set, carb. gasket set.  
See photos for some of the loose items included in the sale. 
The rest are in boxes on other photos.  
Sale is on the basis that the buyer tows the Dingo the 49 metres from it’s garage into our lane and on to the buyer’s transport vehicle.
  I have a 2.2 metre metre long rigid tow bar available for use (but not included in the sale).   I do not always open up my e-mails daily so please excuse me if there’s a slight delay in replying.  
Our home is 1 mile north of East Grinstead on the Surrey/Sussex border and please, as I’m in no rush to sell, will be pleased to receive sensible offers (over £55!) till at least early July 2019 from serious buyers only please.  

Tony Reeves

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