Willys Hotchkiss Jeep

My 1962 Hotchkiss Jeep.imported in 2007.
I have all of the relevent documents from the French army/police. Since its been in this country its probably only covered less than 300 miles a year,  its been regulary serviced and m.o.td and always garaged.
I did replace a faulty speedo but I think I still have the old one.
There are alsorts of bits and bobs included, eg,canvas bags,tyres ,jerry cans,one man tents.
There is a bustle fitted on the back with bag, spare aeriel base including mount, spare first aid box one is fitted under the dash, a spare solex carb.
A French plastic tilt hood and doors, there is a new summer canvas hood aswell ,there is also a airsoft bb replica Famas French rifle complete with correct windscreen mount.
I am looking for about £15950.00 for everything,but by all means please feel free to make an offer as I am after something else now.
This is a usable classic vehicle in good condition that will only increase in value.
The only reason I am selling is due to wanting a change of vehicle now.

Darren Tovey: 07799 348342

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