Various Museum Vehicles Now Available

Due to upcoming changes, Ashworth Barracks Museum which is owned by the Victoria Cross Trust has decided to make available our vehicle collection for purchase.
There is no VAT to payOur Trustees will consider all reasonable offers, please email with offers, or call to arrange to view.
All in Doncaster.
Vehicles Available FV432 (road registered)
Stalwart with crane (road registered)
Saracen APC (Road Registered)
Humber Pig (Road Registered)
Praga Lizard (Road Registered)
Yellow Goddess Northern Ireland (Road Registered)
Mowag Dumitank (No Engine)
BDRM2 Missile Laucher
FH70 155mm Howitzer
Series 3 Landrover FFR ( complete with all radio kit )

Gary Stapleton: 07436 537956

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