1944 Kettenkrad

Nicely restored late war Kettenkrad for sale.
Drivetrain completely rebuilt (engine/transmission/differential/final drives and cooling fan drive), tracks disassembled and rebuilt (glad I will never have to do that again) then fitted with new pads and blocks on one sprocket.
Steering and stopping brakes are all new.
This Kett is running with 6 volt electrics and has a correct cotton loomed harness.
Opel P1 motor is rebuilt and now fitted with 80.5mm pistons and the Opel down draft carburetor has been professionally rebuilt.
Very presentable and as correct as I could make it during a ground up restoration over a number of years.
A rare vehicle in North America and a nice example of a German tracked vehicle that does not take up a large amount of space nor difficult to trailer about.
At the time of purchase the seller claimed it was a Battle of the Bulge vehicle and it does sport some battle damage, so who really knows what history it has.
$105,000 US Dollars.

James Pringle: 001 613 825-3855

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