Willys M38/MC 1952

Willys M38 / Willys MC from 1952 in renovated and very good condition. The M38 or G740, which was the official name, was the first vehicle in the M series and was built in about 60,000 between 1949-1952. (The M-series was characterized, among other things, by the fact that some of the parts were interchangeable between different vehicle types, and that they had 24-28 Volt submersible electrical systems.
The only countries that used the M38 were the Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Canada and the USA). In comparison with Willys MB and Ford GPW, the M38 is called "The best of the flatfenders". My jeep has served in the Greek Army, and have been totally rebuilt by a recognized motorcycle collector in Crete, and imported by me to Sweden in 2017.
The jeep runs very well, and we just returned home after driving on Omaha and Utah Beaches in connection with D-Day +75 celebrations in early June.
The jeep is marked as a USMC, 1st Marine Division vehicle.
As can be seen from the pictures, a lot of period stuff comes with the jeep:
There are five new tubeless tires on the jeep and another extra tire in reserve. 
New generator and starter switch.
New ignition cables and spark plugs.
New ignition coil.
New master brake cylinder and 4 new wheel cylinders.
New US canvas top. Decontaminator (Replica)with bracket. Fire extinguisher type Pyrene, as well as green painted modern fire extinguisher, both with brackets.
Pioneer tools, axe and shovel with canvas cover.
Thompson SMG straight magazine (Denix) replica.
Rifle holder / scabbard in leather WWII dated with M1 Carbine stock, US field shirt (Not USMC), ammunition belt with WWII dated holster for Colt M1911, US WWII dated canteen.
New tow rope with split loops.
Hard to find and complete” Fording kit” with NOS hardware kit (Not mounted).
US Jerry Can. Two "Field pack" M1945, and two "Musette" bags.
Canvas water bucket, Angle head flashlight.
New battery cables.
Spare part catalog and manual G740, as well as the book M38 Reference Guide in canvas map case.
Complete and functioning radio RT68 / GRC with loudspeaker, handset, antenna base, MP50 mount and antenna hold down kit.
The radio station is currently out of the jeep.
Various parts, distributors, ignition coil, NOS GE sealed beam and various sensors and gauges are also included. 
Straight and rustfree body with absolutely no bondo.
The jeep is located in southern part of Sweden around 100 kms from the bridge between Sweden (Malmö) and Denmark (Copenhagen).
I could be interested in parts exchange with a low mileage original M998, a 1989 or earlier model.

Tom Setterwall: 0046 767 750298

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