Wanted - Parts for Rapier and Blindfire

£££ paid for mil-spec electronic component spares, anything from a single pallet to warehouse clearance.
- Particularly interested in Rapier missile launchers, Blindfire Radars, associated generators, test equipment, spare parts & technical documentation.
- These parts can be working or non-working, listed or unlisted, and no guarantees are needed.
- All conditions, quantities & locations (in the UK) considered.
- Anything from electronics & hydraulics to mudguards & covers!
- Also interested in:
1) radar decommissioning or removal (licences A.O.R.)
2) all radar spares esp'y Plessey / Marconi (AR320, AR325, AR327, DN181, Type 101, S711, S723, S743D etc), Watchman
3) Scimitar V radios & spares.
4) any equipment, spares or technical documentation from Marconi / Decca / Plessey / Thales / Racal / MBDA equipment
We will arrange all shipping & transport.

Neil Hannaway - Ellison Electonics Ltd: 01277 626300 or 0771 8583064

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