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Classifieds – Wanted - Military Vehicles

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£1.00 uk
29 June '20


Wanted original WW2 Jeep. Ideally I am looking for A Willys MB "Slat Grill" in fully restored condition with the original body but would consider alternatives such as Ford GP etc.

07891 733658
29 June '20

Wanted - Dodge WC 54 Ambulance in Europe

I'm looking for a very good restored Dodge WC 54 in Europe. Body off restoration would be great. Please contact me.

0049 1517 0855886
25 June '20

Searching for a BSA WM20 or Matchless G3L

I’m searching for a payable BSA WM20 or Matchless G3L. The condition must be that it comes with paperwork to put it on Dutch registration if necessary and that it is in running condition. It doesn’t matter if it is an older or newer restoration. A project is also an option but all the parts need to be there.

0650 232121
18 June '20

Willys Jeep PBH 178

I owned this Jeep in 1965 and would like to buy it back. Last seen in Harrow 1975ish. I have photo of it in a front garden. Last DVLA activity 2010.

01494 522128

Adrian Flux Ex-Military Insurance

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