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Challenger 1 Project

Seems I'm just to busy with 150 army machines,,Tankhearse.con and all the other crazy stuff we take on to spend time on our Challenger 1.
Big shame but that's life. Its a big project but very do-able. More and more challenger parts are popping up at Withams,these days and what doesn't pop up on the cheap through the sales I can point you in the right direction.
Being one of only two privately owned in the world it's almost impossible to value the finished vehicle but you probably talking hundreds not tens of thousands. The gun is currently live, the hull is stripped bare I have an engine pack taken from a running Challenger and various electrical boxes dash boards steering levers,pedals etc.possibly enough to make a starting driving vehicle.
This is a big project to be tackled by some one with Challenger experience and some enthusiastic friends.
As I mentioned before I'm super busy so please don't come and say it needs a bit more than just paint,or have you got another needing less work.
The awnser is NO its almost unique.
Possibility of a part ex, Rolls Royce Phantom,or captured gulf war tanks in unrestored condition,possibly other armour.
Tank value hard to say, make me an offer .

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