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Cushman Airborne Scooter Model 53 Top Replica by Kamikaze-Pit Lengner

The planners in World War II repeatedly faced the problem of equipping their troops with the necessary material to attack the enemy and secure their advance on the ground. However, since the troops could not be equipped with heavy equipment, developed the Cushman Motorsports for the paratroopers Cushman Airborne Scooter - Model 53, which was light and compact enough to be dropped by parachute and thus provided the troops with a new mobility. The originals were manufactured from 1944 until the end of the war and among collectors are today among the absolute rarities in the military vehicle area. I now offer here an almost faithful replica of such a Cushman Airborne Military Scooter, which I have built in duplicate in about 700 construction hours along with a number of construction and design lessons in complete manual labor. The project to replicate such a scooter itself was made by a friend who was looking for this scooter as an extra equipment for his military vehicles, but in the original either no one found or if, then at an unaffordable price for him. I'm a mechanic-master of the old school and now after a 35-year career as a motorcycle artist (Wall-of-Death-Rider "Kamikaze" -pit) I was in a "quiet" state. I am internationally known by the construction and my show with my "smallest motorcycles in the world" and a number of extraordinary vehicles and for me there is not the words "do not go" and so my friend asked me if I would like to take on the challenge to build such a Cushman scooter for him. Since, of course, my working hours are not in vain and he wanted to pay only a certain amount for it, we agreed that he paid for the material purchases for 2 scooter replicas, I construct 2 pieces and build one for his collection and the second for sale for me with the proceeds to compensate for my countless hours, electricity, gas, heating, tool wear, etc. to achieve. And that's the Cushman Airborne scooter replica offered here.
In the first step, we drove together to a collector, who owns an original, and took from this scooter all imaginable, important and unimportant dimensions and made countless close-ups. Armed only with this theoretical data and the photos, I began to construct the replica, while my friend went in search of the non-buildable parts, such as engine, seat and wheels.
Ultimately came to the no longer to be obtained original engine, a former DDR engine closest, a 150 cc Barkas stand engine with 4 hp, which also has the same Kickstarter facial expressions as the original. Since the scooter seemed basically quite simple in principle, I thought first of a relatively short construction time for both scooters (the one for my friend and me) of maybe 200 hours. But actually it was a very demanding and time-consuming project to put the paper data into reality in such a way that despite some non-original parts (as already mentioned - engine, seat, wheels) all dimensions on the replica at least 95% true to original are what I have achieved as a perfectionist and master in the automotive industry, artist and artist. However, at the expense of time, because ultimately it was around 400 hours per scooter. And I now offer this gem to you collectors and military lovers against bid to buy.
A unique replica, which will be unrivaled in the scene and which can hardly be distinguished from the original and only with an absolute connoisseur's eye, as the following pictures prove. Of course, a tour of the vehicle by appointment is nothing in the way. I am happy to answer your questions .
You can have a great vehicle for your military collection !!
The scooter is ready for pickup!

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