Hiller UH-12b 3 Seater Helicopter

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Hiller UH-12b reg no n33514, ser no 51-16409.
Date of mfg 1954.
All inital info as a civillian aircraft is taken from last history cards from Camp Robertson Arkansas.
Signed by Hayes STA m 98.
Last military use was sept 15 1972.
State of Louisiana-surplus property agency paperwork dated jan 5 1972.
All subsequent bills of sale available.
Aircraft log book present engine log book present.
Lifed component log cards-present, but in some cases serial numbers don't match.
Maintenance manuals-present parts manuals-present operating manuals-present.
Engine logs say- zero timed in USA. Rotorhead and engine zero timed .
Please ring Graham Williams 07854 206636

Graham Williams: 07854 206636

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