Genuine WW2 German Maps of France

Found in a village in Normandy recently.
Very nice items, hard to find now.

Sheet 107, the Tours, Loire Valley area.
Printed in Berlin. Original genuine war time production.
Dated 1940.
1:80000 scale - 1.25 Centimetres per Kilometre.
Black and white.
In good condition, no tears or rips.
Has been rolled for a long time, not folded.
£50 plus postage.

Sheet 21. Brest Nord (Brittany)
Covers the Brest, Morlay, Quimper region.
1:200000 scale
Colour. Dated 1944.
Printed by the Germans in Paris. - where most of their French maps were produced.
No rips or tears but there is some weathering on part of the surround but the map is unaffected.
Has been rolled, not folded, for a long time.
£45 plus postage.

Buy both - £80 the pair plus postage from UK.


Nigel Hay

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