Ferret FV 704 MK 2/3

I'm selling this very rare French Ferret MK2/3 In was part of a french contract of 200 Ferrets.
This one is like when it come out from the army. Restored, start and drives well, video on demand.
All the rare parts sold with the Ferret The LMG is an AA52, deactivated in St Etienne and come with is certificate.
This light armored car was acquired between 1956 and 1960 for the mission of surveillance and convoy escort in North Africa.
Built by the British firm Daimler, it originates from scouts-cars of the Second World War.
200 units serve in the French army in the 12th, 13th and 18th regiments of Dragons and 1st regiment of Hussars Parachutists. She will be retired from service in 1962.
FERRET exists in two versions: Mk 1 casemate and Mk 2 with turret. Armament: 1 machine gun AA52.
Some machines will be equipped with a 75mm recoilless gun. Technical characteristics : Length : 3.70 m Width : 1.91 m Height : 1.88m Maximum shielding : front : 17 mm, rear : 9 mm, side : 13 mm, weight : 3,500 kg, top speed : 90 km / h Fuel capacity : 95 liters of gas, Autonomy : 306 km

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