2002 Toyota MegaCruiser BXD-10

What You Are Getting This is an exceptionally rare Toyota Mega Cruiser BXD-10.
The Toyota Mega Cruiser is a large, heavy-duty four-wheel drive vehicle introduced by Toyota in 1995. The largest 4WD ever built by Toyota, it resembles the Hummer H1, and like the Hummer, was designed primarily for military use with the Mega Cruiser seeing duty as infantry transport, a light prime mover for heavy mortars, and mobile Surface-to-air missiles in the Japan Self Defense Forces. The Mega Cruiser features the 15B-FTE, a 4.1 L (4104 cc) inline 4-cylinder, sixteen valve, OHV, electronic direct injection, turbo, intercooled diesel engine. Bore is 108 mm and stroke is 112 mm, with a compression ratio of 17.8:1. Output is 114 kW (153 hp) at 3,200 rpm with 382 N⋅m (282 ft⋅lbf) of torque at 1,800 rpm. This vehicle features front, center, and rear differential locks, four-wheel steering, dashboard-controlled tire pressure and full air-brake hookup for trailer towing.
This vehicle is also equipped with portal axles – where both the axles and differential casing are tucked up higher under the vehicle – Providing astounding ground clearance. This BXD-10 has been fully serviced to include: new belts, new batteries (2), reconditioned 24V alternator, trans fluid & filter service, oil & filter service, radiator flush & fill and new engine air filter. All-wheel disk brake pads are above 70 percent. Included in this sale is a fully researched parts cross-reference list AND a spare parts kit that will include a spare set of belts, oil and air filter and brake pads. Other Details 4-Wheel Steering Right hand drive 7 feet wide -- not counting mirrors Canvas top is in fair / good condition. Plastic windows in canvas top are in poor condition. All bows for the canvas top are included. Removable doors are in excellent condition The only way this is “like a Hummer” is similar looks and 4 tires. The BXD-10 is technologically light-years ahead of the H1. Best of all, it’s a Toyota. I work with a great shipping company in my line of work, and I would be happy to arrange shipment to your door, anywhere on the planet, at your cost. PLEASE NOTE - This is a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) vehicle, and as such has no 17 digit VIN, or VIN Data plate. It has a Chassis Number, which is stamped into the frame - BXD10-0002711, Picture of said stamping attached.
Of course all paperwork showing this as a fully legal and permanent importation is included (CBP. etc) This is the soft-top troop-carrier version of the mega cruiser, of which I have multiples. Also available are hard-top truck style units in multiples as well.

Michael Papp: 001 484 788 1910

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