Supacat 6x6 amphibious all terrain vehicle

The Supacat is amphibious and has a low ground pressure, enabling it to traverse rough terrain whilst carrying up to eight troops (and two crew), a standard NATO pallet or other stores (ammunition etc.). A GPMG may also be fitted to create an effective mobile fire support platform. It has permanent six wheel drive (6x6) with the front four wheels (two axles) steered conventionally by using a rotating handlebar arrangement. These handlebars also operate the steering brakes, which act independently on each side of the vehicle giving brake steering.
The Supacat is built around a steel rectangular hollow section chassis frame, which forms the entire shape of the vehicle and to which all components and attachments are fitted. The 'body' of the Supacat forms a hull that enables the vehicle to float and protects the majority of mechanical components. The vehicle can be configured for a number of roles: · Basic ATMP · FLPT (Fork Lift Pallet Trailer) to lift, handle and carry pallets up to 1.6 tonnes.
· SLLPT (Self Loading Lightweight Pallet Trailer) · 'Fuel Cat', which is able to carry and pump up to 1000 litres of aviation fuel. It also carries an engine start system for aircraft and is able to tow an APFC (Air Portable Fuel Container). · Mounted crane · Aircraft crash recovery · Radio rebroadcast stations · Casualty evacuation.
The Supacats were initially taken into service by the United Kingdom in 1988 and have been heavily used in active service.
Price: $19,995 CDN

Paul Isaacs

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