Genuine Military VW Beetle 1952

Genuine type 11e (LHD standard model with sun roof) built for the British Army of the Rhine and delivered to 151 Vehicle Company in Lippstadt Germany.
I have the full history on this car, every owner and what they did to it from its delivery to British Army in June 1952 to the present day.
It's had a long and varied life with provenance and anecdotes to confirm so not 100% original anymore, wings and bonnet are later, but its a matching numbers body and pan car that's led a really interesting life and for me, that’s the joy of driving this old war horse.
It's had a body-off restoration starting 20 odd years ago so some panels although genuine VW are later model as early stuff wasn't available then.
Deep Bronze Geeen paint is pretty flat and crazed but does buff up really well. It's completely rust free though, no issues.
Engine is July 1955 NOS. only covered about 1500 miles!
All five 16" wheels.
New wiring loom.
Original speedo pod with ultra rare military ignition delete and Hus steering lock.
Cable brakes.
Working ribbed semaphores.
Basket weave carpet.
Please do your homework. This is about as rare as it gets.
There are around 7 early ragtop standard cars left, and probably only 4 of which are Military.
World wide shipping can be arranged from Southampton UK. Shipping to the US is around $2k
Please, please, please only serious buyers contact me. I may also take a PX.

Sinclair Ellis: 07842 109302

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