Pz.Kpfw. IV Casted Suspension Stations Replica

We offer very accurate replica of Pz IV suspension stations.
We used original parts for reference.
All the pieces were 3D scanned and postprocessed to made the complete technical documentation.
The castings were made according to the technology used during the II World War (type of casting- sand casting, the mold division, material, etc.).
Our company offers also other replica parts of Pz IV suspension like: return rollers assemblies complete road wheels (bearings, sealings, rubber tyres- everything) idler adjusting mechanisms.
We offer many replica parts for II World War armoured vehicles.
We are able to produce parts upon your individual needs.
Also unit quantity.
We organise transport worldwide.
With our replica parts of suspension your dream about making replica Pz IV can come true!

Milweb Trade Seller
Michal Keszycki - Panzer Farm: 0048 602 171181

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