Full Sets of Stuart Tank Track Grousers

For M3, M3A1, M3A3 or M5A1 Each Stuart was equipped with 34 in total, fitted between every 4th track pad, to make a significant difference when in heavy going on mud, snow or even wet grass.
Initially supplied for each tank in a crate, they were mounted on the front glacis plate, turret sides or even on the rear hull.
Tank crews soon discovered they added extra protection against projectiles causing them to bounce or explode externally, so they were fitted according to the preferences of the crew or the unit workshop.
We believe this is the rarest Stuart Tank accessory and Stuart owners tell us these are now impossible to find.
Even MILWEB tell us they haven’t EVER had any advertised in 22 years.
We can offer complete sets of 34, painted and ready to fit. £850.
We also have a limited quantity of complete sets, unpainted at £700.
If you wish to buy individual Grousers, we have painted at £30 each, unpainted £25 each.
First come first served.
Don’t miss this opportunity to put the finishing touches to your Stuart.
These are also the correct grousers for the M5 High Speed Tractor.

Visits only by appointment please. We continue to import and export all types of collectors ex-military material worldwide.

Milweb Trade Seller
Kerry Cheese: 01233 820219 or 07747 772599

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