Reinforced T84 transmission kit for Willys, Ford and Hotchkiss Jeeps.

High quality parts for a complete restoration of your T84 transmission.
This kit contains all the parts you need to repair your faulty transmission.
All of the parts are manufactured in France with high quality steels following the original plans with correct fits and tolerances.
This kit includes a modified cluster gear where the original bushes have been replaced with needle bearings making it very durable.
The synchronizer assembly come pre adjusted from the workshop.
The second gear shifting fork has been replace with an adjustable model allowing for the perfect positioning.
The manufacturer provides detailed fitting instructions step by step with all the correct adjustment procedure.
I have fitted one of those kits in my own jeep and I can only recommend it.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like more information.
Price is £1250 + postage

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