Supermarine Walrus/Seagull

For Sale – Supermarine Walrus / Seagull Offered for Sale, a truly once in a lifetime chance to own your very own Supermarine Walrus.
There are no flying examples of the Supermarine Walrus in the World, and only four non-flying Walruses remaining, three in Aircraft Museums and one aircraft in private hands.
What is on offer here is a half-scale version, three-quarters built, ready to finish into whatever configuration you desire.
The options could be a fully fledged, pilot operated aircraft, a static exhibit for a museum, an ultimate Man-Cave centrepiece, a radio-controlled model (there are larger radio controlled models flying – but not many). I was told when I bought the Walrus that the aircraft has been designed by adapting the plans of a 1930 Comper Swift self-build aeroplane as it’s base, these plans had been skilfully re-engineered into the Walrus. The aircraft so far, has been built up to ply covered, wood framed fuselage stage with retractable undercarriage (as per the real aircraft) and a pivoting tail wheel, the wings, flaps and ailerons have been made, but may require a small amount of remedial repair of slight damage from storage. The joystick and rudder controls are in and connected, although the seating remains to be designed and built. The rudder for the tailplane and centre upper wing section will need making, probably incorporating a fuel tank (as per the Tiger Moth), the wings and remaining sections of the fuselage need covering along with wings fitting etc.
The new owner will be sourcing his/her own choice of suitable radial engine and instruments, engines that come to mind might be a Salmson, Pobjor or the more modern Rotec Radial. Even a modern flat-four with a mock ring of radial cylinders might work.
The fuselage is about 18 feet long (as she stands without the rudder) This is an unusual and unique opportunity to finish off the build of a rare and much loved aircraft, a chance for the new owner to add their own mark to the thousands of hours that have been spent getting the plane to the current stage
. An aircraft that comes from the same stable as the Supermarine Spitfire.
The photographs were taken during the summer before I put the aircraft into store. I had purchased the Walrus through auction, not having paid much attention to the exact details, expecting it to be more of a very large model I could hang from my workshop ceiling.
As the scale of the project dawned, in both senses of the meaning, I realise the project is beyond my capabilities, and therefore, I am reluctantly preparing to pass the Walrus on. Included are a bundle of plans, together with some ‘Experimental Aircraft’ magazines from the U.S. weight of the paper plans about 3.5kg. I picked the Walrus up in a large Ford Transit van, so any similar sized van could be used for collection.
The aircraft will easily fit into a 20ft shipping container, so could be sent anywhere in the World, the costs and logistics of transportation from my premises in Nottinghamshire are totally the responsibility of the buyer, although I am willing to assist with the loading. Cleared funds please before loading and release of the aircraft.

Robert Bateman: 07790 854004

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