2 x Range Rover/Carmichael 6x4 TACR2 fire tenders 04AY47 and 04AY46

04 AY 47 and 04 AY 46 for sale.
Pair of winterised Carmichael 6x4 Range Rover TACR2 fire engines.
These two are consecutive chassis number and RAF numbers and both had interesting histories although not working together. 47 was at Wittering and out based with Harriers and 46 spent time in Bosnia in RN tiger stripe camouflage. 47 was always black and green. 46 was plain green for most of its working life. Only the Wittering two were ever black and green.
They are a pair of winterised TACR2s forming a special batch from Carmichael and are unique apparently.
1986 model year RRs with short stick gear change but carburettor engines. Just prior to the injection models.
I took delivery of 47 back in 2000 and after a while converted it into an every day estate car cum van.
A practical conversion which also included an lpg conversion but which was outwardly kept looking original.
It was used most days as an everyday vehicle for many years and only the use of a company vehicle made it drop out of regular use.
It’s in generally good condition and everything works that needs to although the floor edges at the front are rotten and some refabrication necessary on the sills along with a pillar base, but all are localised repairs, one tyre is cracked and the driver’s window won’t wind. Body is good but paint is faded. The stenciled markings in yellow are original and were uncovered from the over painting applied by the MOD on casting. Part of the conversion was to install a RR centre console and as the manual window winder was broken, I replaced it with an electric conversion from another RR.
This now appears to have failed. It was also at that time fitted with an RR aircon installation which would need re gassing if it was wanted again.
46 was purchased when it resurfaced by accident after disappearing following the unfortunate death of Gideon, who undertook restoration after it was discovered for sale from a small airfield.
I purchased it really so both vehicles could be together in preservation and was scared that it might be sold to someone who would carve it up into some pickup truck or something. 46 is in good condition but the previous owner after Gideon had removed much of the external equipment because he had the intention to paint it. Probably red. It never was red however. All the bits are with the vehicle but my retirement has not provided any spare time to put it back together unfortunately.
The idea was that both of these were going to be kept together and used for shows etc, 46 being fully operational and 47 used as a back up vehicle for carriage of equipment, whether for camping, messing or personal stuff or for portable fire fighting equipment if to be used in anger again as a pair of response vehicles.
Time has not been kind to me however and I haven’t had any opportunity to fulfill these wishes. It pains me to have to part with these but it’s better now for them to find a home where they can be looked after. I would like to sell these together as a pair as the first option.
They are not being kept together unfortunately so viewing is a bit awkward but not impossible over a couple of days.
They will run and drive but I’m not selling them as drive away vehicles or with MOTs.
I’m thinking that offers around £12k for the pair would be in order. Hopefully an enthusiast will find them a suitable home.
PM me for more info.
Regarding viewing, one is in Cardiff and the other is in between Hay and Hereford.

Robin Gell: 07910 748847

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