M7B1 105mm Howitzer "Priest"

M7B1 ‘Priest”105mm howitzer.
Totally Rebuild in 2013-2014.
Manufactured by Pressed Steel Car Company (Chicago / Hegewisch Station)
Date of acceptance: December 1944 Hull ID: 4376 Breach ID: NM M2A1 085921943 Original USA registration: USA 40152839-S History: This vehicle was delivered in December 1944 (Hull nr. 4376) by the Pressed Steel Car Company located in south Chicago (called Hegewisch Station) as M7B1.
It was vehicle 587 in Series 1 (December 1944). In total 826 Priests are produced.
At the end of the war this Priest was transported to Europe for active service.
Details of this period are unfortunately unknown.
After the war it was stored in a USA warehouse in France.
In the early 60’s it was modified to M7B2 by ABS France (Atelier de construction de Bourges) and saw active duty in the German army (Augustdorf) till the early 70’s.
After active service this Priest was transported to a German proving ground.
It was salvaged for restoration in mid-2004 by Party A from a German scrapyard.
Hull is absolutely uncut and never got any battle damage.
This Priest is still in very good condition many items are professionally restored.
The engine is replaced in time by a Detroit 2 stroke 8V71 diesel engine (we never had original engine) all of the engine bay is original and the engine is professionally build in so original GAA can be fitted back in.
As part of the restoration plan it is converted back to the condition as it is delivered in December 1944 (Model B1).
Gearbox and final drives are in very good condition. Good engine, New made fuel tanks, nos radiator, wiring, Included extra parts, the old fuel tanks, roadwheels and accessories.
The gun is deactivated by Dutch law and requires a license (export is possible).
The Priest is based in the Netherlands and Viewing on appointment.
Price on request

Paul Visser

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